Wisdom Scout was founded in 1997 with partner Scalliburth Kennel. At this time the breeds that were in vogue were the Poodle, Yorkshire, Spitz, Malteses, Lhasa Apso, Rottweilrt, Mastiff and White Sheperd. In 2014 the Wisdom Scout Kennel started a new work with the breed of the Border Collie. 

Wisdom Scout it a project passed from mother to daughter.

Our purpose is to provide to the new owners healthy and quality puppies that will bring a lot of happiness. We use our years of experience to ensure the best treatment to our Borders. We provide an environment full of love and care in order to prepare them for a full life in their new homes. 


We always seek to keep a close relationship with our clients so we can follow the integration and development of the puppy life.


We are always studying about the breed and updating ourselves so we can share our knowledge with our customers.

Kennel Specialized In Border Collies